Batt steals idea from Stuart Maconie

Published on June 8th, 2013

Songwriter Mike Batt, who notoriously stole “One Minute Of Silence” from the great John Cage and settled out of court for an undisclosed sum paid on the steps of the High Court to the John Cage Trust, has stolen again, WE CAN REVEAL. Maconie tweeted that he was writing about Northern Soul and regrettably had “never felt less like dancing”. Batt, ever scanning the day’s happenings for inspiration, jumped on the expression and quickly wrote a song called “Never Felt Less Like Dancing” which has now been recorded by Katie Melua and will feature on her new album due out in September. When Batt owned up to Maconie in a tweet, the writer and broadcaster responded “See you in court”. The legal community awaits the outcome of what could be the Battle of the Writers, 2013. Batt, who protested that his silence was digital silence whereas Cage’s silence was analogue, may have more of a defence in the Maconie-Batt spat. “There is no copyright in a title, and in any case when Stu uttered it, it wasn’t as a song title or a significant part of any copyright text” said Batt.

More on this story soon. Meanwhile, We reproduce the full twitter exchange below.

Stuart Maconie ‏‪@StuartMaconie 19 Feb Still writing. Northern Soul and Disco now but sadly, never, felt less like dancing

Mike Batt ‏‪@Mike_Batt‬ 21 Feb 

‪@StuartMaconie Stuart U tweeted something a few days ago that I’ve nicked for a song title. Wrote song yesterday. No you can’t have points!

Stuart Maconie‪@StuartMaconie ‪@Mike_Batt see you in court x


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