Ergo ‘The Chronicles of Don’t be so Ridiculous Valley’

Published on August 8th, 2009

Ergo Mike Batt

This is an exciting novel written by Mike Batt – telling the story of Ergo, a slug of medium size, who likes George Formby records and falls in love with a fairy called Elsie (known to him as ‘Little Else’).

Ergo is sure that their contrasting shapes will be a bar to their becoming romantically entwined…and he already has doubts as to whether he’ll ever play the piano, as he has no hands. He becomes a great General, recruiting an army to fight against the Pigfrogs (who only come out at Christmas, to squash you just for fun – they don’t even need the meat).
The book is not yet published, but already there are plans for a radio series and a concept album…

Visit the Ergo website here to track the project’s progress.


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