Published on April 18th, 2013

Iron Lady

Meryl Streep, who so brilliantly played Baroness Thatcher in “Thatcher Sees A Ghost” has agreed to play her again in “Thatcher 2,- The Funeral” to be directed by Steven Weingum. Known for her uncanny ability to impersonate the subject at the same time as inhabiting the character, Streep – for whom method acting is a well-known technique, said “This role will be easier to play in one sense, than the first time I played Lady Thatcher. I won’t need to scrub up on the accent and there aren’t any lines to learn. I have, however had to conquer a tendency to be claustrophobic as my character has to lie still in a coffin for two days. They wanted me to method-act the cremation but I have insisted on a stand-in for that shot, even though I usually do my own stunt work.”

Mike Batt, who knew Mrs Thatcher and thought she was a Good Egg until she lost the plot towards the end of her tenure in government – will not be involved in any way in the movie. We regret that the only picture we have of Meryl also has Mike in it, and that it has already been used in another story on this site. Those responsible for this sloppy piece of journalisn will be hunted down and beaten with wet haddock fillets and a small jar of anchovies in brine.

We apologise that this article is in intensely bad taste and hope that nobody is offended too much by it.

Any resemblance in this story to real persons living or dead, or to companies trading or in liquidation, are purely fictitious and all statements represented as facts are lies. (Ed)


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