Mike Batt Music Cube

Published on December 7th, 2009

Mike Batt Music Cube

To celebrate 40 years of activity as a successful singer, songwriter, arranger, conductor and producer, Mike Batt is releasing a comprehensive collection of his work as an artist, in the form of “The Mike Batt Music Cube”. The cube contains a total of 16 discs, presented as eight double albums, and is intended as a collector’s edition with contents ranging from the recently successful chart album “A Songwriter’s Tale” right back through the six solo albums he made for Sony between the 70s and 90s. With the exception of a few, these double albums, at present, are exclusive to The Mike Batt Music Cube.

A highlight of the collection is a new compilation, “The Orinoco Kid”, containing Batt’s own selection of early singles and Wombles curios. Other rare items featured in “The Cube” are “Rapid Eye Movements”, originally a double album made by Batt for Chrysalis in the early 80s under the pseudonym “Autopilot”. This adventurous electronic project disappeared off the radar fairly soon after its release but has been much requested by fans ever since.

Released – December 7th 2009.


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