Mike Batt presents ‘ Voices in the Dark’

Published on December 1st, 2009

Voices in The Dark - Mike Batt

A new magic audiovisual dimension in 360° video. Enter a magical world. Dare to believe your eyes. Nothing here is just what it seems at first glance: a postcard as a portal to a lost city, tarot cards which come to life or floating ballet dancers in virtual worlds. A symphony of sounds, pictures and emotions takes you away to a mysterious universe.

Mike Batt has, together with Terry Rudat and Mindgames Productions, gathered a team of superb, creative 3D designers, illustrators, dancers and video artists to visualise his epic musical work in spectacular visual worlds. VOICES IN THE DARK is an ambitious project which Mike Batt himself described as a “music-video-art-film installation”. HD Realfilm meets 3D animation, 2D drawings and music. It seems that the planetarium sky is populated by floating ballet dancers and diving models here.
Visit the VOICES IN THE DARK website.


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