Published on October 5th, 2013


Bloody Hell, Mike Batt has written a blog (or at least has just started to).

After weeks of doing nothing except finishing a Katie Melua album and helping to get it into the top ten in five countries, – who the hell does he think he is, sitting down and writing a blog about NOTHING? It’s not as if there isn’t anything to write about, like The Wombles new TV show that, er hasn’t actually happened yet but WILL soon, and the “Moshi Monsters-style” game that he is going to lead off with as the first part of the Wombles come-back thingy. But is he writing about that? NO. He’s just sitting there, writing a blog, just like that, with no how’s your father, not so much as a “by your leave”. He’s just been re-elected as Deputy Chairman of the British Phonographic Industry and had breakfast at Number 10 Downing Street with the PM and other notables to talk about copyright protection but is he writing about that? No he bloody well isn’t. Katie Melua just brought the packed Roundhouse down with a kick-ass gig, accompanied by a Georgian male voice choir all dressed up in black trad garb, with swords and everything but do you think that will get a mention? Probably not. It will probably be more like that blog he did about writer’s block where he just said “write any old thing, it doesn’t actually matter as long as you write something”. http://madhouserag.com/songwriting/writers-block/ Lucky nobody gives a monkey’s what he writes,least of all HIM. If you ask us (which you haven’t, but if you had) we’d say he was just filling space with words. That’s what WE’D say. And we suppose he thinks he’s having a piece of sea bass for dinner tonight as well.


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